• Administrator / Curator of the Estate
Our clients are administrators / curators of the estate, predominantly. The administrator / curator of the estate is the legal representative of the unknown heir. He / she is appointed by the probate court if there is a sound valuable inheritance. His / her tasks usually are the protection and administration of the inheritance and the identification of the heir.
If a high degree of difficulties and the extent of investigations emerges, the administrators / curators of the estate may appoint an heir investigator. The involvement of our bureau does not generate any costs and does not presuppose any legal relationship.

We obtain further assignments also from:

  • estate and absentee administrators

  • probate courts / notaries

  • public community and state authorities

  • local courts

  • executors of wills and notaries

  • tax consultants and custodians

  • known heirs to complete their community of heirs