• Our highly qualified team has years of experience and competence both in research activities and in processing inheritance matters.
  • With our large genealogical library (address tables and telephone directories, lists of expatriates, local chronicles, historical atlases, directories of places etc.) and in connection with the most modern information technologies, we can efficiently research from the acceptance of the order.
  • Our extensive historical records secure a quick access to sources of information connected with the access to worldwide genealogical databases.
  • We have a widespread network of local and regional employees and experts all over Germany at our disposal.
  • Correspondence partners in Europe, in the classic emigration countries and overseas enable us furthermore to research worldwide and to get in contact with potential heirs all over the world.

Dr. Norbert Herms

Mathias Kusch

Kerstin Kohlenberg
trade management

Daniel Hintersdorf

Cornelia Andrae-Markgraf

Stefanie Brähne

Holger Reichelt
library management

Kathrin Kefurt

Irina Halfinger
office management