„Success is the space that is devoted to you in the newspaper.“
Elias Canetti
Media Coverage
  • Wanted: Lucky Heirs World-Wide
    in: „Freie Presse“, September 13th 2007
  • Heir Finder Donates 1000 Euro to Animal Shelter
    in: „Thüringer Landeszeitung“, June 6th 2007
  • Inheritance fell from Heaven
    in: „tina“ Magazine, May 19th 2004
  • Work of a "worldy" Heir Finder is modest
    in: MDR 1 Radio Thuringia: „Augenblick mal / Wort zum Tag“, April 20th 2004
  • Series: Law, Part 4, Inheritance Law
    in: „stern“ Magazine Nr.14, March 25th 2004
  • TV: Inheritance Case solved in the Presense of Found Heirs
    in: ARD, Talkshow FLIEGE: „Von allen vergessen - der einsame Tod“, January 20th 2004
  • Thurigian Detective - Looking for Heirs World-Wide
    in: MDR TV „Ein Fall für Escher: Spurensuche“, November 28th 2002
  • The Work of the Office of Dr. Noczenski
    in: MDR TV „Wir in Thüringen“, December 5th 2001
  • Portait of Dr. Noczenski, Interesting and Curious Things that Happen in Heir Finding
    in: MDR 1 Radio Thuringia: „Tagesprogramm“, October 7th 2001
  • A Nose like a Detective
    in: „Ostthüringer Zeitung“, September 15th 2001